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Jumping Joeys

Children will explore the simple joy of double dutch jump rope along with basic footwork, plyometrics, calisthenics and socialization. Furthermore, the class introduces discipline, movement, instruction and fun. No experience necessary.  Accomplishment guaranteed.

POTR member - $63 /month

Non-member - $78

Parent and Me I ages 2-6 

Class time: 35 minutes 


Acquire basic skills that can be built upon as your jumper learns how to double dutch jump rope.  Learn footwork combinations, conditioning while gaining comfort and confidence in the rope.

POTR member - $65 /month

Non-member - $80

Ages 7-12  

Class time: 55 minutes 


Tree Frogs

Learn entry/exit techniques. Master the rhythm and speed of standard jumps introduced in level 1.  Your jumper will learn single rope sequences and tricks from the POTR handbook.

POTR member - $65 /month

Non-member - $80

Must Pass Grasshoppers Evaluation

Class time: 55 minutes 

Jumpin' Spiders

Jumpers will master the fundamentals of double dutch, perfect all combinations and moves within the POTR Handbook, become proficient in all single rope sequences, and strive to reach new levels in their advanced conditioning, plyometrics and calisthenics.

POTR member - $65 /month

Non-member - $80

Must Pass Tree Frogs Evaluation

Class time 55 minutes 

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A jump rope class that focuses primarily on teaching double dutch tricks.  Learning proper trick technique, mastering movements through repetition inside and outside of the rope.

POTR member - $20 /month (Students must be registered in 1 out of 4 of  traditional classes in order to qualify for POTR member pricing)

Non-member - $80

All levels are welcome 

Grasshoppers I Tree Frogs I Jumpin' Spiders Preferred

Class time: 40 minutes

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