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Operation Recess (OPR)

A structured play initiative that brings recess for public and private schools back to life. We have twentyfive minutes each day to improve students’ brain function, social interaction skills and self-esteem. Operation Recess (OPR) is a play initiative constructed to bring recess, for public and private school districts, back to life. OPR is an alternative activity that engages students by precept rather than concept. Each Pro Sports Coach is trained to lead the students in a daily activity which has been planned and tested to be safe, fun, challenging and non-threatening. This method provides success in the following goals which are the pillars of OPR: Energy Release Activities Every Student Welcome Feeling of Accomplishment OPR is an affordable program that utilizes a small portion of school time and budget while producing outstanding, measurable results within the entire student body. OPR also promotes interaction, cooperation, and camaraderie among students that may have little relationship with each other during the course of the school day. Contract Options: 3 I 6 I 9 months 1 DAY/WEEK = $1680/month 2 DAYS/WEEK=$2184/month 3 DAYS/WEEK=$2839/month 4 DAYS/WEEK=$3691/month 5 DAYS/WEEK=$4798/month

5 Plans Available, From $1,680.00/month

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