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Class: Jumping Joeys

Children learn the simple joy of Double Dutch jump rope right alongside their BFF while parents look on in awe at their child's new found skill.  

Saturday: 1-1:35pm  or

Sunday: 2-2:35pm

Ages: 3 to 6

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Class: Tree Frogs

Learn how to enter and exit into and out of the Double Dutch rope. Master the rhythm and speed of standard jumps introduced in Grasshoppers.

(must graduate Grasshoppers class)

Saturday: 2-3:00pm
Ages: 7 to 13

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Single Class



Move your body to Latin, pop and hip hop at Club Cuerda.  Pure fitness, meets endless fun in this glitzy, over-the-top, illuminated jump studio fit for a teen.  Its club nights are second to none.              

Get Fit and Stay Lit!

Friday :  8- 9:30 pm 
Coming February 2018

Ages: 13-17


Class: Str.& Conditioning

45 minutes of custom built training to fit each individual or groups need. Jump Rope metrics, High Intensity Interval Training, Core Calisthenics make up our course curriculum.  

Fridays:  6:30-7:15pm

Sundays:  3-3:45pm

Recommended: Individuals, Couples, Sports Teams, non Athletes and more 

Single Class

Class: Grasshoppers

Explore basic skills that can be built upon as your jumper learns how to Double Dutch jump rope.  Learn footwork combinations, conditioning while gaining comfort and confidence in the rope.

Saturday: 1:35-2:30pm
Ages: 7 to 12

Single Class-one class  Membership-month-to-month auto pay account (can cancel at any time-must give a 30 day notice)

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Plan your nightlife adventure here at Cardio Club.  Minnesota's 1st  fitness night club for adults.  Original curriculum fused with jump rope aerobics, immersed in a night club atmosphere.  Your best experience is only a jump away.  

Results or Excuses not both!

Saturday: 7-8:00 pm

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Class: Jumping Spiders

Master the fundamentals of Double Dutch, memorized chants, conditioning, and public demonstrations. Focus on choreographed jumping, advanced conditioning drills and performances. ​

(must graduate Tree Frogs class)

​​Saturday: 1-3:00pm
No age requirement