Our Mission

Pros of the Rope (POTR)

Our vision is to create a community that discourages bullying and nutures individuals by using a disciplined curriculum to improve confidence, focus and teamwork for all athletic levels. POTR offers jump rope classes, school programs and parties that unite children and parents in enthusiasm, accomplishment and fun. 

We present original curriculum that when combined with a jump rope influences positive social, cognitive and physical assets and development.
  • Safety First

  • Motion = Motivation

  • Preventing Childhood Obesity

  • Setting High Expectations

  • Imparting Identity through Activity

  • Destroying Inhibitions


Established in 2009, Pros of the Rope (POTR) offers Energy Release Curriculum in the form of jump rope classes, school programs and birthday parties. 

Our curriculum unites children and adults in enthusiasm, accomplishment and fun, managing to inspire competitive spirit and hard work. We set high expectations which bring about impressive results.  

Guiding Principles

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